5 Top Reasons Diets Don’t Work

5 Top Reasons Diets Don't Work

You can know about the 5 top reasons diets don’t work. For many, losing weight and keeping it away is an ongoing struggle.

To lose weight, traditional diets have taught us to count calories, grams of fat, points or conversion. For some you may want to eat pre-packaged foods or meal alternatives. There may be strict meal plans or complex food combinations. Some methods even eliminate whole food groups. That is not the way to live!

Diets often tell you that there are “forbidden foods” or magic food combinations, and they often impose dietary rules that most people do not follow, do not or do not follow for a long time. Diets don’t work is so unnatural and unrealistic that it will never become the lifestyle we can live, let’s enjoy!

Diets are not the answer and let me see how I work with people to create a happy, healthy life in a comfortable, fun and non-denial and undisciplined way.

5 Top Reasons Diets Don’t Work

1) Diets  don’t work take the approach of “one size fits all”. Traditional diets do not take into account your age, gender, ethnic background, work & family schedule and lifestyle. These and many other factors affect the overall picture and are a must see if you want to lose weight for good.

I look at each one personally and help them make better food and lifestyle choices based on who they are. We are all different inside and out. We think differently, behave differently, have different lifestyles and different needs. As the saying goes, “One’s food is poison to diets don’t work another.” Together we have identified which foods will work for you.

2) Foods do not teach you how to deal with cravings. What should you do if you want a specific food like chocolate cake? Diets tell you things like “reach for an apple instead of a chocolate cake”. So you eat an apple, not satisfied, it leads you to give up and finally eat a piece of cake. But you feel guilty because you got out of the “diets don’t work”. If you feel like you failed and the next thing you know, you will eat a whole chocolate cake.

I see: What are the reasons for cravings? Is it an emotional cause, or a physical desire? There are many reasons for cravings: some are related to you physically or emotionally, others your body tells you something physically. I will help you understand why you have desires and how to solve them realistically.

3) We ignore the internal signs of distrust and hunger over foods. Instead of listening to our internal signals, we rely on diet plans, measured components and the recommended frequency of eating. As a result, many people lose the ability to eat according to their physical needs.

By working with me you will slowly learn how to listen to your body and give it what it is asking for. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms and tell us what to do. Diets don’t work will teach you how to “turn off” your body’s signals and I will help you in turning them back on.

4) Foods = scarcity. diets don’t work cut down on certain foods and even whole food groups! By doing so, we experience feelings of deprivation, then overeating and finally canceling out our “diet”.

It can lead to defeat, guilt, weight gain, low self-esteem and we are on another diet before we even know it. Instead of making us feel good about ourselves, foods can cause us to fail and weaken or destroy our self-esteem.

I do not believe in deprivation. For your weight loss and maintenance to be successful, what you eat must be a pleasant experience. If you do not enjoy yourself, you will not be able to continue your program. It’s very simple.

I’ll show you how to make major minor, hierarchical changes of the exciting lifestyle you look forward to.

5) Foods control us – we are not in control. People who try to live according to diet lists and rules will learn little or nothing about proper nutrition and how to enjoy their meals and healthy lifestyle. No one can truly live in the “diet mode” for the rest of their lives, losing the true pleasure of a healthy diet.

By working with me you will see that you are in control. Let me show you that weight loss and maintenance is not about personal weakness or lack of willpower. It is learning to trust yourself and how well you & your body know.

Diets  don’t work. If they do, you (and millions of other people) will not struggle with your weight.

Instead of putting yourself on a “diets don’t work”, I guide you to find the food and lifestyle options that best support you. I will also help you make regular, lifelong changes that will allow you to reach your current and future health goals.

So stop dieting and start living the life you really want!

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