Health Care Vs Health Insurance

Health Care Vs Health Insurance

Health Care Vs Health Insurance,

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, I will be honest and get to the three points in this article.
Point 1. Health care and health insurance must be separated.
Point 2. If it weren’t for the fact that health insurance has become a health service for most Americans, there would be no health care reform.
Point 3. The only way to fix health care in America once and for all is to separate health care and health insurance as it should be.

I will also give you three reasons why I say this, so if you decide, you can go to other articles and not bother to read this further.
Reason 1. As healthcare is now paid for by a third party, health insurance premiums have increased by more than 100% since 2004.
Reason 2. On average, over 60% of every health dollar is lost in the health insurance claims process.
Reason 3. Because of the health insurance/health care relationship, Americans have been robbed of their most precious birthright, health.

Health Care Vs Health Insurance
Health Care Vs Health Insurance

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, Through government propaganda and the health insurance company, health care has been synonymous with health insurance for as long as most of us remember. At one point, who among us did not think we needed to work with “benefits” or perhaps better benefits to be able to go to the doctor. We have been brainwashed by a system that benefits terribly from our lack of knowledge or apathy – whatever the case. From our first salary, we are taught that health insurance is the most important thing when it is time to take the children to the doctor for a cold.

This is confirmed within days when we receive an invoice from the doctor’s office stating that the price for this visit is $ 225.00.

The system is set up and set up so that every American thinks someone else has to pay for their health care. More on that later.Health Care Vs Health Insurance.

Health care must be separated from health insurance, just as car care is separated from car insurance. When it comes time to change oils, do you reach into your pocket for a car insurance card to pay for it? “Of course not.” you say, “That would be funny.”

Please stop for a second now and think about why this would be a bad idea.

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, In case you don’t know, let me give you a little letter about insurance. Insurance premiums are based, among other things, on benefits – both the number and amount of claims. The national insurance department goes around insurance companies to see that the amount paid in claims is proportional to the amount collected in premiums. So an insurance company does not receive an increase in interest unless it claims to justify the increase. (This, by the way, is the only good service that insurance services providers, because as individuals we have neither the time, nor the desire, nor the resources to look for all this information.)

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, So now let’s go back to the oil change scenario and look at it again. Instead of one, two, or three claims that you can file for life under your car insurance, you now find yourself filing a claim every three months or 10,000 miles. What would you expect your bonuses to be? How much would they increase? Also, keep this in mind; your local mechanic or oil change service will have to wait 90 to 120 days to receive your oil change money. In addition, there will be layer after layer of documents for filing the claim. The fact is, if car insurance was like health insurance, your local oil jockey would have to hire an entire billing department just to submit the correct forms with the correct codes – not once – but maybe three or four times.

Health Insurance Review

Do you think the oil change will still be $ 35.00 at your local Spiffy Lube, will it still be $ 35.00, or will the cost increase with the added payers of documents and staff?

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, The average time to see a doctor in the United States is now less than 10 minutes. The average amount of office work involved in raising money for this 10-minute visit is over three hours. How much does this cost you? Since there are no statistics on this, let me do simple math for you here. Invoicing and coding staff earns an average of $ 15.00 per hour. This could mean that up to $ 45.00 of your health care dollars goes to processing your request … and that’s only in the doctor’s office. To be honest, it’s probably close to $ 30.00 on average, but that’s still a huge amount of money.

It’s even bigger when you look at what the doctor gets. (I told you earlier that we’ll get back to that.) Don’t look at what the doctor bills, instead see your EOB, an explanation of the benefits that comes a few months later. Don’t get bogged down in coding and insurance nonsense, but instead watch carefully and carefully the amount that has been paid to the doctor. In many cases, this will be something around $ 50.00, up to very rare $ 100.00.

So the doctor paid $ 30.00 to $ 45.00 to raise $ 50.00. Does that sound right or even smart?

Then the processing costs are added to the claims departments of the insurance companies. Most companies have at least two levels of bureaucracy to handle each request. The highest cost of any division in the major health insurance companies – immediately after management – is the claims department.

Health Care Vs Health Insurance. The new Health Care Reform Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) added at least 159 new programs, agencies, and departments between your visits and your doctor’s pay. Does anyone out there really think that all these programs will save your health care dollars on health?Health Care Vs Health Insurance.

Dennis Rowley

President and CEO

Liberty Health Consultants

Health Care Vs Health Insurance, Designer and manufacturer of High Energy Labs Take Back Your Health Care Health Fair.


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