How Healthy is Our Health Care

How Healthy is Our Health Care

How Healthy is Our Health Care

How Healthy is Our Health Care, Dr. Vale, a leading expert on integrative medicine, discusses the myriad problems facing our “disease management system” (read “health care system”). If you think about it, our medical system is about treating diseases, not preventing them. In his book Why Our Health Matters, Dr. Weil points to developments in our medical system that are toxic to American health as a whole.

How Healthy is Our Health Care, The philosophy of medicine has changed dramatically in the last 50 years? Today we go to the doctor and even if we are on time, we wait for 15, 20 minutes … an hour and more sometimes. When we finally see the document, it’s two minutes of questions, a few pokes and pushes, then maybe, if we’re lucky, some advice. Shocking studies show that the average person spends 8 minutes with a doctor. Medical practice is not what it used to be.

There was a time when doctors mostly called homes to see patients – sometimes they stayed overnight. The patient’s history lasted 15 minutes and included the whole family. Patients’ history is 85% of successful diagnoses, so why don’t doctors spend more time on them? Due to the recovery of the insurance industry, that’s why … but that’s another story.

How Healthy is Our Health Care, Back to Why our health is important … This book contains some surprising facts, such as the average internal medicine doctor earning $ 245,000, while a radiologist can make up to $ 911,000 a year! No wonder the cost of health care is so high, all the money goes to specialists who order expensive tests and are paid exorbitant prices just for a consultation. Of course, insurance companies have benefited greatly from this setting, earning from customer premiums and then transferring much of the bill from specialists back to the patient. This whole system is a mess. But there are things we can do to fix it.

How Healthy is Our Health Care
How Healthy is Our Health Care

By the way, Dr. Weil says:

Without health-promoting lifestyle strategies, chronic, degenerative diseases will increase dramatically as the baby boom progresses.
Few of the many pharmaceutical drugs on the market are actually safe and effective.
There are safe and effective alternatives to medicines: we must first look for them to deal with the most common health problems.
We need to change the education and training of all health professionals if we want to solve the healthcare crisis.
Our long-term goal must be to shift our health care efforts from disease intervention to disease prevention and health promotion.
What can we do with America’s disease management system? Well, as individuals, we can speak out against that. A great site called VoteSmart can help you find your representatives instantly. I suggest you get together with friends and neighbors to write letters or emails to the best representatives in your region or state. Change can depend on us. As for other solutions, I suggest you buy Dr. Weil’s book. This is a quick, interesting read and will paint a picture in your mind of what our healthcare system might look like.

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How Healthy is Our Health Care, Jacqueline is the author of five books, including When the Crow Sings and The Fearless Factor, and co-founder of The Fearless Factor. “Bridging the Gap Between Fear and Opportunity,” Helping People Worldwide develop strong personal and business success, powerful communication, and clear visions for their goals.

How Healthy is Our Health Care, If you are already receiving home health care and you have found that it does not meet your needs, then you just need to call the agency and talk to the person who is dealing with your case? Explain what you think you need and they should be able to accommodate you.

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