How to Make It As a Fitness Model

How to Make It As a Fitness Model

How to Make It As a Fitness Model ?For people who follow my topics I usually write about science-based topics rather than subjective topics such as nutrition, supplements, training and what is covered in this article. I decided to get rid of my science geek personality and write on something I know would be useful to thousands of people who want to be fitness models.

Also why not write what is considered a “soft” article by some, not the well-known “hard core” science-based BS author? Over the years I’ve been in the hundreds, perhaps in the thousands, by email, letters, or personally asking myself “How can I become a fitness model? Will? I get it from newcomers and I get it from women who haven’t been able to “break in” for a while.

The fact is that I’ve been in the fitness, health and bodybuilding business for a long time and despite being known as a “guru” based on science and nutrition, I have trained many fitness athletes and confirmed my fitness and figure /. Provides marketing and business advice to all types of athletes, including bikini shows for NPC, Fitness America, Fitness USA and other federations, as well as fitness models. So, it seems like I’m going to use this space to cover a non-scientific topic on how to be a fitness model.

How to Make It As a Fitness Model

This article will be useful for both experienced and inexperienced people looking to “break in” on the bus. If you are already a professional and successful fitness model I am sure you can still gather some useful information from this article.

The first bad news is that there is no way to become a successful fitness model. There is no single way or magic secret. However there are some crucial things that can be done to greatly enhance a person’s chances of “making” a model in the fitness business and perhaps use that success as a launching pad for great things like movies, TV, etc.

Many of the best fitness models (reminiscent of Trish Stratus and Vicky Pratt but many more) have entered careers in all forms of entertainment. The bottom line is that while there is no magic secret to success as a fitness model, this article is close to the blueprint for success you will find.

“Do I need to compete?”

This is a question I always ask and not so easy to answer. In fact, the answer (drum roll) is yes and no. To answer that question the person must first decide why they are competing. For example, do you need to compete if your goal is to be a successful fitness model?

No answer. Many of today’s famous fitness models have never competed or they have competed in a few small shows and this is clearly not part of their success as fitness models. However, competition has its potential uses.

One of them is exposure. Top-level exhibitions often feature editors, publishers, photographers, affiliate owners and other business people. So, competing will improve your exposure. Also, competing makes sense if you are trying to build your competitive business or if you are trying to take advantage by winning a show.

For example, say you have a private training gym that you are trying to build. Surely, having the title of Say Ms Fitness America or winning at NPC Nationals and being an IFBB Pro will help boost your reputation and the reputation of your business. There are many scenarios that can help you win a show for business or other endeavors.

On the other hand, it should be realized that winning a show does not in any way guarantee success in the business end (and it really is business) as a fitness model. The phone is not a ring of rings with big offers for contracts. Also, it is important to realize that it is very common for a person who ranks 4th or 6th or 8th in a fitness or figure show to get more stress than a winner. Why? Even if the winner takes everything to win that show, the editor, publishers, supplement companies, etc. think they can market more.

I’m seen many times that the winner did not attract as much attention as she expected and the other girls were shocked to see it attracting attention in the form of photo shoots, magazine coverage etc. When to remember “Do I need to compete and if so, why am I competing?” Ask yourself the important question. Answer that question and you will know the answer to the title of this section. Winning a title can be a step, but it does not guarantee success in the fitness industry. It’s like a college degree; What do you do with it.

Now. If you are competing for entertainment, go for it by all means, but the above will focus on competing as it is related to the business aspect of being a fitness model.

The right body, the wrong federation?

Well, after reading the above you decided to compete or compete again. If you do not plan to compete, you can skip this section. The biggest mistake I see here is that a lot of gals have the right body for the wrong federation. Each federation has its own judging standards and competitors perform poorly because they have no trouble researching which show suits them best.

I’ll give you a perfect real world example of this. Women in the figure round should be curly and smooth with a certain tone, vs. I recently confirmed a demonstration of being more muscular and athletic with less body fat as other federations allow. One of the most beautiful women I saw on this show came out. She is very proportionate, of great muscular stature, slender and athletically shaped with narrow hips and waist and broad shoulders. How did she do this show? She didn’t even get a place in the top ten!

Why? Because she did not suggest that we search and did not meet the standards. I told her after the show that she was great, but it may not be federal for her. I told her she has a lot more NPC type body, where a little more muscle, athletic build and less body fat will be rewarded.

Next week I will be judging the NPC Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding Show and she will be there. How did she do that? She won the entire show as all the judges unanimously voted her number one.

In contrast, if your body type is more rounded and toned, with a slightly higher body fat and a wider (but not fat!) Hip, you are better off competing in Fitness America competitions. If you are going to compete:

(1) Find out exactly the criteria for judgment relating to that confederation and

(2) Watch those shows as a spectator for different confederations and see what suits your physique, style, etc. best.

(3) You need to decide if you really have the athletic ability to take part in a fitness competition (which requires a routine) or figure / bikini competition.

I often see women who can excel on the figure show but who are not really athletic in doing the routines needed to compete with other athletes on the show. Some shows allow you to do both competitions and some do not.

Networking 101: Do’s and Don’ts …

In many ways, this is an area that can make or break you in any business, however, people in the fitness industry work incredibly poorly at it. If you do not network and market yourself properly, you may forget about having any real success as a fitness model or success in virtually any business. For space, we adhere to fitness.

When I first started, I was a self-marketing machine. Trade shows, bodybuilding, shows, fitness shows and walking on other islands, I can find in every show I think is an opportunity. I was given a jillion card and I took a million home and followed everything. I went as far as I could to meetings, meetings, parties, etc. related to the industry. I now have recognition and experience in the industry, I do not have to go to such a show, unless I like or have meetings, they are very helpful in the beginning.

I’m always amazed at the number of fitness models who have approached me not to go to the Arnold Classic Fitness Weekend, or even to Mr. Olympia or the NNFA Expo West and other trade shows. If you want to do this in the fitness business, it’s definitely a good idea to look at it as a business.

I have seen so many beautiful girls who want to be a fitness model, that if they stand there too long they think someone will put their face on the cover of the magazine. News Flash, there are millions of beautiful women out there and it should be noted, you should hurry to get that business like everyone else through your butt of networking or through the good agent you do (if you can afford such work). It’s for you.

Choose some major industry shows to attend (some of which are listed above) and visit them each year. Have an attack plan that is exactly how you want to market yourself and the network. Many fitness models, bodybuilders, etc. see the show as a big party. If it’s you, have fun at the party, but do not think that you’re really marketing yourself as a business person or athlete.

Another thing that always amazes me is the number of fitness models that do not have business cards, or even some cards printed on their bubble jet printer at home! They ask me to help them or ever help and I say “give me your card” and they look at me and say “I’m so beautiful I do not need the card you fool”. This attitude will quickly turn editors, photographers, writers and people in the industry off if they find out you’re really transvestite. Do not do this. For every beautiful girl who thinks the world is good for her, 100 are ready to act like professionals.

Have you ever wondered why some fitness model you know is doing better than you, even though you know she is prettier than she is? Maybe that’s why … never go to the network without good cards, bios and professionally completed head and body shots, you can give to editors, publishers, photographers, industry types, etc. Do not stand idly by and anticipate that they will find you, find them first and introduce yourself. And of course you have to go without saying you want to be in good shape and have the tan to look your best.

There is also a class of person called schmooze, but we will leave it at another place and time. The point is, regardless of that trivial group of people you want to meet the right people, they will only pull you down, delay you, or lift you up.

For example, a guy came in and said he wanted to “shoot you” for magazines, but what do you really know about this guy? He has a camera and some business cards, so why not turn him into a photographer? Wrong! If someone wants to shoot you and they are not a well known name (and you need to know some of the well known photographers as you have already researched!), Find out who they are. Do they have any suggestions you can call? Can you contact the girls he has previously filmed and are happy with the work? In which journals did he publish? Does he do it professionally or as a hobby? That kind of thing.

Another thing I see is a big web scam. I wonder how many girls have been deceived by these web idiots. The lesson here is that you get what you pay for, so when someone wants to build a website for you for free, you get what you pay for. Yes, ‘you can make good money on the net, and the net is great for marketing yourself and making contacts, but it’s pretty much a scam.

It is a good idea to pay a good web designer and webmaster if you have experience with other fitness model types and have suggestions that you can talk about. I can not tell you the number of girls who are screwed by some internet thing like a “fan” who volunteers to build a free website, or a “fan” who runs away from that site with money or money. Because of their choices on porn sites and any other things they regretted like hell for agreeing to the site in the first place.

Clearly, I can not go down the list of all the potential dangers of web idiots, clubs, idiots, perverts, scam bags and solenoids found in the entertainment business, but you got the idea. Beware!

The end.

Finished my Down and Dirty Guide very nicely to the basics of “Making It” as a fitness model. Of course there are many business related issues that I can cover and tricks I can give, but the above is the best advice you are going to find in a small space and I will do more for you — if followed correctly — more than you can grasp.

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